New Web Series Music Makes a City Now
Episode 1

Moving to Louisville

In the premiere episode of Music Makes A City Now, 27-year-old conductor and composer Teddy Abrams moves to Louisville, Kentucky, to become the youngest Music Director of a major American orchestra.

Episode 2

Opening Night

The intensity builds as Teddy Abrams and the Louisville Orchestra rehearse and perform their Opening Night concert.

Episode 3

Teddy Meets the Town

Music Director Teddy Abrams plays music around Louisville to spread the word about the orchestra and why he loves to improvise in different musical styles. From the city's open streets event CycLOUvia to the home of the Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs), Teddy meets the citizens of Louisville.

Episode 4

Carmina Burana in Louisville

Teddy Abrams, the Louisville Orchestra, and a community cast of hundreds come together to create a powerhouse performance of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.

Episode 5

Big Fiddle

Teddy Abrams brings composer and violinist Jeremy Kittel and his original work “Big Fiddle" to the Louisville Orchestra along with crossover cellist Ben Sollee.

Episode 6

All Together Now

Teddy Abrams and a unique mix of Louisville musicians come together to create #MMAC14, a landmark community concert at Tim Faulkner Gallery. Featuring Bonnie Prince Billy, Tiny Elephant, Kyle James Hauser, 1200, A Lion Named Roar, and the University Chamber Orchestra.

Episode 7

Sixth Floor Trio

Teddy and old friends light up Louisville with their genre-blending side project, The Sixth Floor Trio.

The trio, which includes four musicians—Teddy Abrams, Harrison Hollingsworth, Johnny Teyssier and Gabriel Globus-Hoenich—met in 2005 while studying at the Curtis Institute of Music.

We followed them for a day in the city to see how their exuberant embrace of all kinds of music connects with audiences across generations—and learned some fun facts about Teddy along the way.

Episode 8

Music is Alive

Teddy Abrams gathers world-class musicians including folk songstress Aoife O’Donovan, classical musicians, bluegrass artists and a maraca virtuoso for an experimental festival at Fairchild Garden in Miami, Florida. Here, the artists “embrace the chaos” as they collaborate, workshop and perform pieces that defy musical labels and engage audiences of all ages.

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